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The Starfire approach to wealth management is distinguished in several ways. We design each client plan INDIVIDUALLY. We do not manage investments "in bulk." In fact, we do not accept general discretion regarding client investments absent prior agreement, each client is consulted prior to any investment changes. We want our clients to be active in the decision-making process.

Our firm's primary focus is financial planning and investment education. Investments do not have to be complicated. We simplify the investment process and educate our clients so that they can more easily understand the recommendations we make.

Most people devote an inordinate amount of attention to the "rate of return" an investment might achieve. Rate of return is important, but not only is it unpredictable, it is the LEAST important of the four major factors that determine overall investment success. The few extra percentage points that you can earn on a good investment may be of little help if you have not done adequate planning for your retirement and other financial goals. Over twenty years of personal financial planning experience has taught us that three other factors are even more important.

The first is planning a consistent amount of savings, two, determining the time period for which those savings are to be invested and three, taking steps to reduce the tax bite on investment income are vital to every investor's overall success. We design each client portfolio individually, taking these factors into account.

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  • Starfire Investment Advisers on Analyzing The Risk Of Stocks After The 6.9% Drop

    Starfire Investment Advisers on Analyzing The Risk Of Stocks After The 6.9% Drop

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