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What We Do

Grow your assets to support your future 

The earlier you start saving for retirement, the easier it is to accumulate the assets you need to maintain your lifestyle. No matter when you start, Starfire can help you leverage what you’ve saved, minimize your taxes to help you keep what you earn, and build a tailored portfolio designed to grow your assets as quickly as possible at the lowest possible risk.

Protect your assets throughout retirement

If you’re already retired, your number-one priority is to ensure you don’t outlive your savings. We work with you to help take the worry out of post-retirement finances. Using tailored asset allocation, retirement-focused tax strategies, and optimal timing of account distribution, we help protect your assets, plan for your legacy, and give you the confidence to enjoy your retirement years. 

Take the emotions out of investing and financial planning

Whether you’re just starting to build your wealth, are already leveraging your savings to maintain your lifestyle post-retirement, or anywhere in between, our job is to help you stay on track by helping you understand and make smart, long-term choices about your money. 

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