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How We Do It

Customized plans to address your needs 

Unlike advisers who manage their client investment “in bulk,” our team at Starfire designs each client plan to address the unique needs of the individual. And to keep you active in the decision-making process, we work with you one-on-one to help you understand each investment selection. When changes are needed, we consult you to discuss every change we recommend.

Financial planning and investment education

Education is a vital component of our financial planning and investment process. Investments don’t have to be complicated, and we believe it’s our job to help you understand our recommendations, and to help you gain clarity about your finances. This understanding can help remove emotions from financial planning and increase your confidence about your financial future.

A focus on savings, time, and taxes 

While your rate of return is important to your long-term success, we believe three factors are much more critical to successful planning: consistent saving, the amount of time you have to build your assets, and reducing taxation. We look closely at each of these three factors as we work together to build your optimal portfolio and develop your overall wealth management plan. 


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